2021 Trophy Competition Rules and Regulations

HUNTING – Deadline is Jan. 15th, 2023

  1. To participate in the Trophy Competition, A Rod and Gun membership must be purchased 3 days prior to the harvest of any animals entered.
  2. The Trophy Competition runs on a calendar year from January 1st to December 31st
  3. Each animal entered must have a tag attached that states the species, tag number, LEH Authorization #, Compulsory Inspection #, Date of Kill, Location of Kill (MU # ex: 4-01) Hunter Number, Hunters name and phone number and if you are an adult or junior and/or male or female and means of harvest (Rifle, Archery, X-bow)
  4. All entries must be taken during the current calendar year’s hunting season
  5. The boundary of the competition shall be M.U’s 4-01 to 4-06, 4-19 to 4-27, 4-34 to 4-37, 4-40.
  6. Junior Category: Must be under the of 19 at the time you harvest the animal entered.
  7. There will be 3 placements (1st, 2nd, 3rd) in all categories if warranted, Adult Rifle, Adult Archery, Adult X-bow,  Junior Rifle, Junior Archery and Junior X-bow.
  8. All trophies will be scored according to the latest Boone and Crockett club and Pope and Young clubs rules and regulations.
  9. The Windermere District Rod and Gun club has adopted all rules, regulations and fair chase statement of the Boone and Crockett club and the Pope and Young club.
  10. The following articles contain issues of concern for all entries.


  1. A) Trespassing is covered under the Windermere District Rod and Gun clubs By-laws and code of ethics.

—-The use of radio tracking collars:

  • B) Electronic collars with radio transmitters are used in some areas where dogs are used to pursue bear and cougars. The Fair Chase Statement does not exclude their use to locate dogs after the hunt is over. However, so far as the club is concerned, any trophy taken once the receivers are turned on, is disqualified from entry. Hunter must be present when the dogs are initially released to pursue Bear or Cougar and can not be called by radio, cell phone or any other device to direct the hunter to the location of the animal for harvest.

—- Electronic Communication devices:

  • C) Two way Radios (and CB Radios) probably top the list of electronic devices that disqualify a trophy from being entered if used to direct a hunter to a trophy. In this modern age, it should go without saying that trophies taken with cellular phones to direct a hunter would also be disqualified from entry.

—– Archery tackle

  • D) A bow shall be defined as a long bow, recurve bow or a compound bow that is hand held and hand drawn and that has no mechanical device to enable the hunter to lock the bow at full or partial draw. Other than energy stored by the drawn bow, no device to propel the arrow will be permitted. If a crossbow is used to harvest an animal, that entry will be placed either in the rifle category or a crossbow category if present.

13) All entries must be cleaned of all hair and flesh and have no odor present, also have name tag attached.

FISHING – Deadline is Jan. 15th, 2023

  1. Boundaries for the fish competition are the same as the Big game trophy competition: M.U.’s 4-1 to 4-6, 4-19 to 4-27, 4-34 to 4-37 and 4-40 and also uses the calendar year for each year of the competition.
  2. Categories are: Largest Cutthroat trout, Rainbow Trout and Brook trout, with one award per species
  3. Actual fish does not need to be present to enter, but clear picture of fish and measuring tape must be submitted along with the entry form from the link provided.
  4. Awarding of the trophies will be made at the annual celebration of the Harvest Rod and Gun dinner.