The Columbia Valley’s Rifle & Handgun Shooting Range

Lake Windermere Rod and Gun

The rifle and handgun shooting range at the Rauch Homestead Shooting Range is operated by the Lake Windermere District Rod & Gun Club.

We are licensed as a “Shooting Club,” approved for the discharge of restricted firearms and prohibited handguns.

The range is unsupervised: users are responsible for their own safety and the safety of others.

The shooting range includes:

  • a covered firing line with approved backstops and targets at 25, 50, 100 and 200 meters.
  • 8 bench rest positions with vibration-free, concrete slabs and adjustable seating designed in accordance with requirements for international bench rest competitions
  • Five firing positions for handguns.

In order to avoid ricochets from mid-range ground strikes, targets are to be placed only on the backboards directly in front of the backstops.

The rifle range is closed periodically for work bees, rentals or during major clay target shooting events. To check if the range is closed, email

What kind of guns can I shoot at the shooting range?

Our handgun range is approved for static shooting with handgun cartridges contained in template groups up to .357 Magnum.

Our rifle range is approved for static shooting with rifle cartridges contained in template groups up to .338 Lapua Magnum. (Note that .50BMG is not allowed.)

Who can use the rifle & handgun shooting range?

All of our range facilities are open to the general public, unless the range has been booked for a private event.

All users are required to sign “in” and “out” in the register provided. Those using restricted firearms or prohibited handguns must provide their PAL#.

What does it cost to use the shooting range?

Use of the rifle and handgun range is included with membership in the Lake Windermere District Rod & Gun Club. Non-members can purchase a day pass on-site for $10.

Is there an indoor shooting range?

The Club does not offer an indoor shooting range at this time.

The Club usually offers a FREE indoor children’s air rifle program to all Columbia Valley youth ages 5-15 during the winter months. This program teaches proper gun handling, marksmanship and firearm safety. For more information, contact Danny McLaughlin at 250-342-9230 or

Can I book the shooting range for a private event?

Yes. Part or all of the range facilities can be reserved for special events (e.g. weddings, training). For a facility rental quote, please contact

Where is the shooting range?

The Columbia Valley’s shooting and archery range is located 5.5 kilometres west of Radium Hot Springs, BC.

At the Radium Hot Springs roundabout, exit west off of Highway 93/95. Just prior to the sawmill, turn left onto Forster’s Landing Road. Cross the railway tracks and the river. After crossing the second bridge, remain on the main road: do not take the left turn onto a private drive at the 1.9km point. Proceed up the hill on the main road. At the 2.8km point, take the left fork. The Range is located at 5.5 km on the left hand side. There is a large sign and cattleguard at the entrance.

For a map to the range, please click here.

What are the safety rules for the shooting range?

All users must read and follow the safety rules posted at the range. The Club has established and abides by recognized safety rules for all shooting disciplines. Those using the range facilities are required to follow these regulations.

The Club reserves the right to ask anyone acting in an unsafe manner to leave the premises.

Our current inspection report states that “the Club maintains a well-organized range complex and there is minimal risk to persons or property when firearms are discharged in accordance with the Club’s posted rules”.

How is the shooting range funded?

The Club manages and maintains the range facility through user fees, volunteer labour, donations and fundraisers.

Who can I contact for more information about the shooting range?

For more information, contact