Habitat & Wildlife Conservation in the Columbia Valley

Lake Windermere Rod and Gun 

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The Lake Windermere District Rod & Gun Club is the Columbia Valley’s oldest conservation organization, established in 1919.

For over 100 years, our Club has been a driving source of habitat conservation in the Columbia Valley region and in British Columbia. 

Our past and current projects include ungulate range improvement, wildlife relocation, nesting boxes for many species including those at risk, water conservation and fish enhancement. 

The club has received many commendations, including the prestigious O’Keefe Conservation Award. 

We currently maintain a volunteer relationship with Nature Conservancy Canada, Nature Trust B.C., Columbia Wetlands Stewardship Partners and local First Nations. 

The club continues to explore ideas for future endeavors with our partners.


Our Club’s current conservation projects in the Columbia Valley

Our Abel Creek restoration and fish passage project has allowed fish to re-access stream areas for the first time in 40 years, following the removal of barriers. The Abel Creek project remains active: this waterway is located in Invermere, BC.

The Club has partnered with the Shuswap Indian Band and the Columbia Wetlands Stewardship Partners (CWSP) to enhance and restore Westslope Cutthroat streams in the Upper Columbia River, and investigate the possible reintroduction of white sturgeon and Westslope cutthroat.

The Club is part of the Kootenay Conservation Program – Kootenay Connect, a 4-year project on Species at Risk and Riparian Wildlife Corridors in the Columbia Wetlands.

Our Club actively assists the Kootenay Bat Project and wildlife research and relocation projects.

Our Club’s conservation partners include:

  1. Columbia Wetlands Stewardship Partners www.wetlandstewards.eco
  2. BC Wildlife Federation https://bcwf.bc.ca
  3. Kootenay Conservation Program https://kootenayconservation.ca/

Kootenay Bat Program https://www.bcbats.ca/index.php