Archery in the Columbia Valley

Lake Windermere Rod and Gun Club

Archery in the Columbia Valley is available at the range at the Rauch Homestead Shooting Range is operated by the Lake Windermere District Rod & Gun Club. The archery range includes:

  • An outdoor static range, with a shooting platform and targets from 15 yards to 60 yards.
  • An outdoor 3D range, with 15 targets on the south end of the property which will be set up early May. 

The Archery range is open for users who have their own equipment, from dawn until dusk daily, except during privately booked/shotgun or archery events. Club volunteers will be there on Sundays and Wednesdays from 6 pm to 8 pm to help out, or to rent out the club’s archery equipment.

If you are a current club member, Archery drop in fee is $4 a day per person and for non-club members it is $10 a day per person. There is a drop box located at the static range and a sign in book. Please sign in. 

There is also equipment for rent at an additional $5 a day per sperson on Sunday and Wednesday evenings, while a volunteer member is there from 6 pm to 8 pm. 



Who can use the archery shooting ranges?

All of our range facilities are open to the general public, unless the range has been booked for a private event. All users must sign the registration book on-site.

What does it cost to use the archery shooting ranges?

$4/day for members of the Lake Windermere District Rod & Gun Club. Non-members can purchase a day pass on-site for $10. This includes the static range and both 3D archery courses.

Are there any indoor archery ranges?

Unfortunately, the Club is not able to offer indoor archery during the winter at this time.

Do you offer training or equipment for those wanting to try archery?

A bow and arrows can be rented for $10/day.

The Club often offers assistance, unofficial training and the use of club equipment on designated days and times at the range in the spring and summer to encourage beginner archers. For more information, please contact Tim Baes at

Where is the archery range?

The Columbia Valley’s archery and shooting range is located 5.5 kilometres west of Radium Hot Springs, BC.


At the Radium Hot Springs roundabout, exit west off of Highway 93/95. Just prior to the sawmill, turn left onto Forster’s Landing Road. Cross the railway tracks and the river. After crossing the second bridge, remain on the main road: do not take the left turn onto a private drive at the 1.9km point. Proceed up the hill on the main road. At the 2.8km point, take the left fork. The Range is located at 5.5 km on the left hand side. There is a large sign and cattleguard at the entrance.

From the entrance, take the left fork, then turn left down the gravel road through the campground: the static practice archery range is located at the end of the campground.

For a map to the range, please click here.

What are the safety rules for the archery range?

All users must sign the registration book on-site, and read and follow the safety rules posted at the range. The Club has established and abides by recognized safety rules for all shooting disciplines. Those using the range facilities are required to follow these regulations. 

The Club reserves the right to ask anyone acting in an unsafe manner to leave the premises. 

Our current inspection report states that “the Club maintains a well-organized range complex and there is minimal risk to persons or property when firearms are discharged in accordance with the Club’s posted rules”.

How is the archery range funded?

The Club manages and maintains the range facility through user fees, volunteer labour, donations and fundraisers. 

Who can I contact for more information about the archery range?

For more information, contact Tim Baes at