Columbia Wetlands Waterbird Survey

Do you love the Columbia Wetlands, birds, and being outside?  If so, participating in bird-surveythe Columbia Wetlands Waterbird Survey may be for you!

Bird Surveys will be occurring this fall on Sept 29th, Oct 5th and Oct 15th from 10am-1pm. 

We are looking for citizen scientists to survey in the Parson, Brisco, Radium, Wilmer, Invermere and Columbia Lake areas.  By involving citizen scientists (yes, you!), we are able to gather a large amount of data about waterbirds during migratory seasons, including data on species-at-risk. One of our major goals is to collect the necessary baseline data to achieve Important Bird Area (IBA) status for the Columbia Wetlands. That means that the data you collect may be used to help designate the Columbia Wetlands as an Important Bird Area!

We are also learning more about where bird species-at-risk are located during migrations, along with species distribution and abundance throughout the wetlands.

If you are interested in getting involved, please contact or call 250-344-5530. Free training modules are being offered in Golden (Sept 21) and Invermere (Sept 22) from 5-7pm, and optical gear can be lent to those who need it.

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