About the Lake Windermere District Rod & Gun Club

The Lake Windermere District Rod & Gun Club has been in continuous operation more then 90 years. We are a conservation minded organization dedicated to the preservation of our natural environment and to the promotion of outdoor recreational activities. We have in excess of 200 local members and are affiliated with the 30,000 strong BC Wildlife Federation. Through the efforts of our Club and it’s members, we have been instrumental in many local conservation and environmental sustainability projects. Additionally as part of the BCWF we have been influential in many province wide conservation efforts and in the protection of outdoor recreation for the average British Columbian.

Through volunteer labor and donations, the Club built the Rauch Homestead Shooting Range on the Horsethief Creek Forest Service Road. This community facility was established in 1986 and is open to all;- some restrictions apply. The Club manages and maintains these facilities through volunteer labor, donations and various fund raisers. (See our Events page for details.)

The Club is an active participant in community activities and we contribute to the betterment of everyone through such activities as:

Our range facilities promote various recreational activities including:

These facilities are available for exclusive usage on a rental basis for corporate or family events and are also used by law enforcement and Parks Canada personnel for training and skills upgrading.


Safety is paramount. The Club has established and abides by recognized safety rules for all shooting disciplines. Those using the range facilities are required to conform to such regulations. The Club reserves the right to ask anyone acting in an unsafe manner to leave the premises. Our current inspection report states that “the Club maintains a well organized range complex and that there is minimal risk to persons or property when firearms are discharged in accordance with the Club’s posted rules”.