100th Anniversary!

Did you know that the Lake Windermere District Rod & Club was founded at a meeting on May 17, 1919 held in the Rotunda of the Hotel Invermere? 

John A. Hope a well known guide and writer was the driving force behind the formation of the club and he became its first President. Basil George Hamilton a local journalist was the first Secretary with the first Executive Committee consisting of the following local personnel:  Hon. R. Randolf Bruce, W. Howard Cleland, Mathew H. Craik, Alexander Duncan MacKinnon, James Carlton Pitts, William W. Taynton, Alexander Ritchie,  Alexander G. Cuthbert, Arthur Murray Chisholm, Allan S. Cochrane, Charles D. Ellis, Captain Albert H. MacCarthy, Edward Tunnacliffe, Walter J. Nixon,  Stanley B. Harrison, H. G. Lowe, James W. Crawford and Joseph Lake.

So as you can see, our 100th anniversary is approaching.  In just over a year, we will be entering our 100th year and we need a program of events to celebrate this accomplishment.  Your executive is looking to establish a committee of interested and imaginative club members who would start the planning process for the 100th year events.

If you are interested in participating in this committee please advise a member of the executive or email us at info@lwdrodgun.com.

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